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An amazing little spider called Jumping Jupingo

Jupingo is now available!



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Jumping Jupingo is a platform game with a good doze of strategic thinking and action thrown into the mix. Players guide a little jumping spider around the screen by directing his jumps, and spin elastic silk threads to bounce Jupingo onto out-of-reach areas: jump - spin – jump – bounce.

The aim is to rescue the baby spiders that have been scattered across the forests, caves and swamps by a horde of bug-sized aliens.

There are 30 breathtaking environments to play through. The levels get progressively more challenging as the environments get trickier to navigate and the plants and nasty bugs become more dangerous and numerous.

Special missions and challenges allow you to re-play levels with a completely different strategy each time. In fact, there is an endless variety of ways that you can approach each level to improve your scores or simply experiment with different ideas. That means hours and hours of fun, thousands of babies to save and bugs to dispatch.




















Jumping Jupingo - Main Interface Jumping Jupingo - Level 1
Jumping Jupingo - Level 2 Jumping Jupingo - Level 3

Share the fun with your friends. Watch this hillarious animation on the REAL reason people scream when they see a little spider. 

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